1-14-11 ALERT:

Mass Media Admits Earth Wobbling

Well, it's all over the mass media: CNN, FOX-News, The Minneapolis 
Star-Tribune, etc. The astronomers at the Minnesota Planetarium have 
released an announcement, which is actually a cover story, as to why 
Earth's wobble has accentuated inexplicably and alarmingly. They have 
concocted a glib, erroneous explanation to preempt public fear and to 
obscure the real cause of the ongoing barrage of worldwide geological 
and meteorological disasters which is currently wreaking 
(not "wrecking" as The Weather Channel mistakenly mispronounces the 
word) . . . wreaking havoc upon populaces around the world: earthquakes, 
chart-busting heat and cold, record-breaking drought and snowfall, 
torrential rains, epic flooding, and a litany of every imaginable extreme 
weather event. 
The mass media is quite suspiciously hyping this outlandish explanation 
for the rather recent changes in the zodiacal positions vis-a-vis the 
historically constant astrological calendar dates demarcating the various 
signs of the Zodiac: They are claiming that the Moon's gravitational pull 
upon Earth has shifted the geographical North and South Poles of Earth. 
Well, if the Moon has shifted Earth's poles, then this shifting would have 
been extremely slight, extremely gradual, and consequently would have 
occurred over many, many centuries. So, ONLY now, as Earth has just 
recently been beset by these decade-long meteorological and seismic 
disasters . . . only now do they blast out this sour-sounding fanfare of 
fanciful non-astronomy showcased in the cheap facade of astrology. 
NASA knows full well that deep-space incoming comets, laden with 
heliospheric plasma, from beyond the outer bounds of our Solar System, 
have already caused polar shifts on Neptune and possibly on Saturn, 
caused unprecedented changes in Jupiter, and have now penetrated 
deep enough into the inner Solar System to excite solar hyperactivity 
and cause incipient gravitational shifting of Earth's magnetic and 
geographic poles. It will get worse, but if the men gripping the reins 
of power around the world can keep us ignorant for just a little while 
longer, they will have bought enough time to escape to their underground 
cities which are becoming known to inquisitive people around the world. 
Just take a look at this underground television film footage taken 
by the former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura. John DiNardo

IMPORTANT VIDEO LINK- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFuGBKcyEQw&feature=related