Lucus answers major questions for Public 2/28/11...

Dear Friends,

Over the course of the last year I have tried my best to respond to as many questions and emails as physically possible. In the past few months though the level of traffic has picked up substantially and I find it impossible to keep up with it all and be able to reply to everyone. I am sorry, I wish I did not need to sleep sometimes, but, nonetheless, I do.

I am going to try and answer some of the most common questions in this email. I know this is not going to cover the more specific questions someone may have asked, but I should be able to answer at least the most frequently asked.

Starting with the number one question I get from people.


The short answer to this question is this; I have no idea. It is already happening all around the globe. I do not know when the “Main Event” will take place, but, already many are experiencing the effects right now as I type this email.

The people who died in the Haiti, Chile, Christchurch, and other Earthquakes all died during their own personal apocalypse.

I suspect, as I always have that there will be a series of smaller events gradually becoming more frequent and more intense leading up to the main event, the actual passing of the brown dwarf. I do not know when this event will take place. I do know a person could hurt themselves trying to figure it out. There are just too many variables and too much misinformation floating around to know what to trust.


I can not offer consultation as to what is exactly going to happen to what area. I would say a good rule to follow is get away from the coasts. I would get away from areas that are below sea level and I would not want to be any place in Florida, an Island, an inland bay, or close to the Mississippi or any other large river.

I would not live in a high rise building.

I would not live in a city that can be victim to a dam breaking and flooding the entire area.

I would stay away from the elite’s bunkers and their storage supplies. They will not be friendly about messing with them or their stuff. I changed my mind about moving to the Denver area for this reason and am thinking more on the lines of the 4 corners region.


This is another tough question I get a lot. It’s particularly tough because I have never survived the apocalypse before so I would just be guessing. An educated guess would tell a person to go to higher ground, someplace higher than a mile above sea level.

I emailed one of the world’s leading experts on mega-tsunamis and asked him (for my own personal understanding);

How long would it take a mile high wave that hits the East Coast USA to reach Texas? He told me that it would take a wave like that about 8-12 hours to reach Texas from the East Coast.

Google earth is your friend here.


This is another question I get quite often. The answer is no, I have not moved from Austin “yet”. There are several reasons behind this.

I was originally going to move to Denver Colorado. I had a job lined up and was actually looking for an apartment when I changed my mind. After talking with John Moore and others I realized that you don’t want to be in the same area as the powers that be are setting up. That place will most likely be 5 layers deep in razor wire when this all goes down.

Another reason I am still here is that love Austin. It has always been my favorite city in the world and I have a lot of friends here, some that I have known for over 25 years.

Yellowstone Super Volcano was another factor that played into my thoughts here.


First of all remain calm. Paranoia and tension will cause you to make rash choices which will probably turn out bad.

Stock up on food, water, water filters, seeds, and basic essentials. Stock up as much as your wallet will permit.

Keep your gas tank full at all times.

Get right mentally. Drop grudges, make amends with lost family and friends. Forget about the petty BS reasons why you’re mad at someone and make due. Don’t let petty grudges haunt your thoughts when you need a clear mind. Try to MAKE MORE FRIENDS and LESS ENEMIES. Be helpful to people and maybe that will be returned in kind.

Try and sleep well. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s going to be what it’s going to be. There is nothing anyone can do to stop it, just increase you odds is about all you can do.

I hope I was able to cover some of the main questions that I am hit with thousands of times. I wish I had all the answers, but, I don’t even have all the questions, much less the solutions.