Sheldon's DETAILED 3-16-11 Writeup outlining NASA's anticipated Disaster on the Last Space Shuttle Flight ( STS-134 )..

It appears to me that NASA is anticipating disaster on the April 19th Space Shuttle Flight- a date in itself which is customarily a ritualistic sacrifice date for the Elites..According to Texe Marrs, the Elites even carryout Sacrifices in Space...
Look at NASA's verbiage pertaining to the 4/19/11 Flight-
"Technicians are preparing the shuttle in case it is called on to
conduct a Launch on Need mission in the unlikely event that space
shuttle Endeavour encounters a serious problem during the STS-134
mission. Atlantis' Launch on Need mission is designated STS-335".. 

[Sheldon- BTW, NASA has NEVER done this before that I can recall & I've been a BIG Fan of tracking the Shuttle stuff since the First Liftoff on 4/12/81]

Maybe Ed Dames will end up being correct about a "Meteor Shower" bringing down a Shuttle flight ??? PLUS, The Shuttle next month is slated to loft
'Micrometeoroid Debris Shields' into Orbit !!!!!!!!
Perhaps this is WHY the First Humanoid Robot dubbed as "R2" just went up 2 weeks ago & WHY Unmanned commercial flights will be sent up AFTER the Shuttle flight Retires to continue supplying the Space Station-BECAUSE the Astronaut Corps is becoming too FRIGHTENED to go into space anymore because they can CLEARLY see Planet X coming in with it's terrifying twin-strands of moon tails,etc. which accompany it..
PLEASE Order Lee Bracker's book Sampler on my Homepage to learn more on this !!!! Perhaps the so-called "Comet Elenin" coming in is in REALITY a CODENAME for Planet X & it'll be showering the Earth with it's MINIMUM 1/4-million mile wide debris fields of Rocks in SOON ???? A movie called "BATTLE LOS ANGELES", just released on Friday, March 11
th depicts a METEOR SHOWER falling over L.A...  Are the Producers of that film trying to alert the masses in a subtle manner ????

Here's a writeup by Radio Talk Show Host Bill Alek in Phoenix, AZ. On Ed Dames-

Here's more of Ed Dames and the return of Planet X:

 "... There will be a space shuttle which will be forced to land due to a
meteor shower and a couple of months later or so disaster starts.
He doesn't know the exact time this will happen. He says this forced landing
is the nearest event to this big natural event.
Shuttles will resume flights at the beginning of 2005, right now they are
grounded. (The grounding of the shuttles is not a prediction or the day when
they will resume flights)
After this, very soon after, not years but some months later the sun will
begin to send killer shots to the Earth. The sun will get pockmarked by
solar flares. The killer shots from the sun will come one after another
taking down all satellites and the power grid will [be] shot down.
He doesn't know if these killer shots are produced because of the passing
planet, but they will be very close together. He says it will pass us, its
planet size, and will go around the sun and will pass us once again.
We would have around three months in advance before the passing of this
planet because it will be seen.
When you see this forced landing it will be the beginning of all this. He
said to go to high ground by this time and if possible to go underground for
a couple weeks, 3,000 feet above sea level, or far inland from any coasts,
or if you have a large sailboat with a very heavy keel it will right itself.
He also said to get out of the cities, that anything is better than being
caught in any city.
As this planet passes there will be waves of 2,000 feet because the Earth
will wobble and a shift will most probably also occur. 300 mph winds will
sweep across the Earth. After the wobble a couple of days later after the
kinetic energy is passed to the atmosphere the wind will pick up.
He said because of this passing there will be many nuclear reactors broken
and this will cause a lot of problems. Many of the coastal reactors will end
up in the bottom of the sea like the structures that were found off the
coast of Cuba.
He said a couple billion people will die because of this passing space
object causing all of these catastrophes, and a couple billion more will die
in the aftermath as we will go through a mad max scenario.
He also said that people will be having more dreams of planet X, and these
catastrophes and what they would do to Earth. He has seen the same through
remote viewing for some time now and he did not want to believe this was
possible even thou he and other remote viewers had seen this planet passing.
Is Comet Elenin Planet X?
William S. Alek, Chief Director, President
PHONE: 928.848.8307

Early March 2011 Update..

I had sent NASA a FOIA Request well over a year ago pertaining to an Edict issued by NASA back in June, 2009 that data pertaining to incoming Space Rocks would become Classified info.. Well, a Lady from NASA HQ FINALLY calls me in early March to inform me that my FOIA Request from over a year ago is finally being followed up on & that I should have an answer within 30-days.. Is NASA expecting MORE Space Rocks soon & preparing to cover their asses with a Cover Story or Propaganda & perhaps this is WHY the timing for my FOIA Request is interesting in light of what might happen to the STS-134 Shuttle flight in April ??

April 10th, 2011 Update..

NASA Finally replied to my FOIA Request on 3/23/11 that they received from me on 2/22/10 by stating that I need to contact the “OSD/JS” at the Pentagon, but after submitting my request to the Pentagon on 3/31/11, they informed me on 4/07/11 that I must contact the Air Force or the U.S. Northern Command !!!!! What a fricken run-around !!!!!!