Coping Strategies - for Civilians, Military and Family

Here are 2 different ways to download the files.

Download ZIP File
Click on ZIP. Say OK to download to your computer.
Double click on zip file. Creates a folder with the sound files in it.
Open folder and double click on sound file.

Coping Strategies - ZIP  56.7Mb


Download MP3 Files
To Download files: "Right Click" on MP3, then from the menu that appears,
"Left Click" on "Save Target As", and choose where you want to save it on your computer. For example, "My Documents" or "Desktop"

Be Still and Know
         Introduction - MP3  2.1Mb
         Exercise - MP3  9.8Mb
         Discussion - MP3  10.1Mb

Overcoming Stress
         Introduction - MP3  2.5Mb
         Exercise - MP3  9.2Mb

Overcoming Pain
         Introduction - MP3  6.5Mb
         Exercise - MP3  5.5Mb

Overcoming Fear
         Introduction - MP3  7.4Mb

         Exercise - MP3  7.3Mb

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