Part 1: Why Are They Murdering Astronomers?

 Astrophysicist Professor Kohi-Ichiro Morita (astronomer murdered in Chile) 

     Part 1: They are Murdering All These Astronomers . . . All Mutual Strangers and Far Apart, But Having One Talent in Common: Each Can Herald a Massive Celestial Body Whose Gravitational Pull Once Caused The Sinking of Atlantis, During One of Its Past Cometary Incursions. You See, Comets are Periodic, Punctual. This Massive Cometary Dwarf Star Orbits in, Passing Earth, Once Every 36 1/2 Centuries!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

RIO DE JANEIRO — "A professor from the National Astronomical 

Observatory of Japan was found apparently slain Monday outside 

his apartment in Chile, where he was participating in an international 


"Professor Morita was serving as lead System Verification scientist 

  at the joint ALMA Observatory (JAO). His mission was very 

  important in verifying that images of target objects are 

  properly synthesized at ten times higher resolution than the 

  Subaru Telescope by receiving radio waves with 66 antennas 

  when completed. He was a famed expert of aperture synthesis . . ." 


    Why was Professor Morita Murdered?

Is it because -- after three decades of traveling inward on its 

Sun-drawn gravitationally energized journey from beyond the 

outer reaches of our astronomically spacious Solar System -- 

this larger-than-Jupiter dwarf star is finally coming into view, 

and is finally lighting up by solar wind interactions with its 

plasma cloud or coma? Was Professor Morita murdered because 

he was sighting in on this object, which if reported to the peoples 

of the world, would trigger the financial collapse of the delicate 

and complex web of global economic systems? and would also 

cause rumblings in the blanket of unawareness and apathy that 

has been so carefully draped to keep the public inactive? 

Although this NASA-tracked dwarf star will not collide with Earth, 

its distant gravitational pull will cause, and is already causing, 

the most extreme and unprecedented meteorological, seismic, 

and volcanic activity ever, over this past decade.   John DiNardo

     U.S. Government astronomers announce the discovery of the very same massive dwarf star which Dr. Morita was killed for sighting. Back in 1983, this gravitationally Sun-drawn celestial body was at the outer bounds of our Solar System. Now, three decades later, this wrecking ball is approaching our Sun, its gravitational destination, as it first passes over Earth's head, to gravitationally pluck at Earth's scalp.


     Planet-X Research Associate Gilbert Eriksen's Email 5/15/12 on this issue:

"It was known that Mr. Morita was involved with the radio telescope array at the Atacama facilities, but what did he know about or want to disclose to the public that would have brought this drastic measure to end his life. WHY was he murdered? Maybe the rest of the story will be released to the public shortly… or other astronomers will make the hidden information known." "The ESO facilities at Paranal up on the Atacama high desert are one of the best places to observe Wormwood coming inbound… less atmospheric water vapor to have to look through for viewing (seeing) in the near infrared."
Gill Eriksen