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   Since it is relevant to this subject, we should note that, just this
   morning, Prof. James McCanney stated to Joyce Riley on The Power
   Hour radio show [ archives] -- that he is baffled by the
   fact that Earth is experiencing severe weather, and yet, there are
   currently no extra-Earth energy sources (e.g. solar blasts, sheets of
   return electric currents from bodies in the Solar System) to fuel all
   this severe weather. He asks, where is the extra-Earth energy source
   that is producing all this severe weather?
   Well, in fact, Earth's molten core is a great repository of stored potential
   energy and expending kinetic energy -- energy which was imparted to it
   by these extra-Earth electrified bodies over the course of this past decade.
   Just as a battery can deliver energy that has been previously pumped into
   it, so too, it is the extra-Earth energy which has been stored in Earth's
   chaotically energized core flow which is currently spawning all of these
   storms around the World.
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   In order to show that the following theory merits attention,
and that the laws of electricity and magnetism are accurately
described herein, I preface this theory with the fact that I spent
my military career in aviation electronics, and my civilian career
as a high school physics teacher, and later as an electronics
engineer, both of which fields involve the application of the
principles of electricity and magnetism.
   Imagine that you submerge the candy ball of a lollipop in the
center of a cup of coffee, and you slowly spin the lollipop stick
between the palms of your hands. In this case, the candy ball
rotates, but does not revolve, because it remains centered in the
body of liquid. In your mind's eye, notice that the coffee swirls
smoothly and evenly around the inside of the cup, without making
waves. This analogy of a lollipop rotating, but not revolving, at
the center of a cup of coffee, serves as a model of Earth's core,
which is comprised of a solid spherical metal inner core (the
lollipop) rotating at the center of a spherical cavity filled with
swirling molten metal (the swirling coffee) deep inside Earth's
thick spherical mantle (the cup itself).
   Now, as with all metals, this molten metal outer core is a
good electrical conductor, meaning that the iron atom, and the
atom of other intermixed metals, possesses electrons in its outer
valence band (encircling its nucleus) which are loosely bound to
the atom's centralized nucleus. Hence, these loosely bound orbiting
outer valence band "free electrons" can readily migrate away from
their anchoring nucleus, and can be conducted along a pathway
within the atom population of the metallic substance, flowing freely
from atom to atom, sort of like BBs rolling on a track.
   We see this phenomenon every day, around the world, as
electrons flow through conductive copper wires to illuminate light
bulbs and to give sparkling life to TVs and all sorts of electronic
   Now, there is a well known phenomenon in the field of physics;
that is, a moving electrically charged particle, such as an electron,
will generate an electromagnetic field encircling the path of that
charged particle -- sort of like a dog running out of a swimming
pool and shaking off water as it runs away. The dog's travel is
analogous to the electron's travel, and the spray of water encircling
the dog's path is analogous to the encircling electromagnetic field
generated around the path of the traveling electron.
   Now, visualize Earth's smoothly swirling molten metal core
(surrounding Earth's solid metal inner core). We see that the free
electrons horizontally swirling in a circle within the belly of Earth's
molten core are as the free electron stream of electricity flowing
through a copper wire. Now, visualize that wire being formed into
a horizontal circle, sort of like a hoola-hoop, with the free electrons
racing through that wire, as on a circular racetrack. Well, this same
generating of electricity occurs around the beltway of the belly of
Earth's swirling molten metal core. Naturally, these electrons
circulating inside the swirling core generate an electromagnetic field,
billowing concentrically around the horizontal path of swirling molten
metal, just as if that soaking wet dog were racing around a circular
track, spraying water concentrically around itself as it runs.  
   That vertical circular spray is like the invisible vertically oriented
circles of Earth's magnetic field which expand vertically up and into
Earth's north pole, then down through the solid metal core at Earth's
center, then down and out of Earth's south pole, completing a myriad
of invisible vertical magnetic field loops to form a continuum of
parallel vertical loops, seemingly as an apple skin covers an apple.
   So, as long as Earth's molten core swirls smoothly, like that lollipop
rotating like a vertical* shaft at the center of a cup of coffee, then
Earth's magnetic field will be formed symmetrically balanced all
around, like the skin covering an apple. However, the problem is that
our hyperactive Sun has, for a decade, been battering, deforming, and
offsetting Earth's magnet field, spewing ocean-like waves of electric
particles, so that now, Earth's deformed magnetic energy field is bull-
whipping Earth's jetstream into huge rollercoaster-like undulations,
thus provoking chronic storminess of winds, rain, hail, and yoyo-like
temperature swings.
   The shape of Earth's magnetic field does have a marked influence in
steering Earth's jetstream patterns.
                                  John DiNardo
                              [TO BE CONTINUED]
  Over the past nine years, I have been studying the evidence which
warns of the approach of the massive celestial body, officially named
by the world's astronomical community and by NASA as "Planet X."  
   In 2002, the clear ring of truth struck me after merely reading the
bylines of Mark Hazlewood's book, BLINDSIDED. Ever since then, I
have avidly studied the myriad of ancient historical evidence and
modern scientific evidence about the cometary orbital intrusions of
this giant planet into our Solar System, which intrusions provoke
electrostatic, magnetic, and gravitational molestations of Earth at
regular intervals of about 3,600 years. These recurring celestial
assaults upon Earth scientifically explain the major global catastrophes
that have occurred throughout the ages, including the Great Flood of
Noah's day, and the ten catastrophic plagues upon Egypt, described
in the Book of Exodus, as well as the coming Earth catastrophes,
which are prophesied in the Book of Revelation.

At Kean University, I received my degree in Science Education, with
most of my electives in physics and biology. I taught high school
physics, and then returned to electronics, which was my original
career during four and a half years of service in the Marine Corps. 

Working for electronics companies of differing product lines, I gained
diverse experience in the principles and analysis of electronic circuitry ,
and with additional academic credits, advanced to design analog and
digital electronic circuits of various functionality, serving twenty years
with Bell Telephone Laboratories, plus two final years with Mobile-Vision
Inc., the leading manufacturer of police car video systems.

The moment I heard about Mark  Hazlewood's book,  "BLINDSIDED ..."
concerning the approach of a Jupiter-class planet into our Solar System,
I knew it was true. Without any prior knowledge, mine was a spiritual
realization -- the kind of intuitive inspiration which many, over human
history, have received. I feel that this understanding, and the compulsion
to alert people, was induced by the Spirit of God, with the inspiration to
join with others in carrying out the following principle of His scriptures:
 "Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom."  PROVERBS 9:10.  
It is clear to me that God has made this proverb especially poignant and
imperative for all of humankind in these Last Days of this World.
For those who see these global upheavals coming, their life's pursuit is
to alert others to shelter and brace themselves, while urging everyone
to embrace that spiritual entity who is consciously bringing us to this
precipice of human existence.  
                       John DiNardo

Graduated from the Naval Air Technical Training Center in Memphis,
Tennessee, as scholastic honor man in the aviation electronics
technicians school.

Honorably discharged after 4 1/2 years of service in the
U.S. Marine Corps.

Earned the Bachelor's Degree in Science Education from
Kean University, Union, New Jersey. Graduated with a
3.44 grade-point average out of a possible 4.00, the highest
scholastic average among the class of science majors.

State-certified to teach all of the sciences in the high schools
of New Jersey.

Inducted into Kappa Delta Pi nationwide scholastic honor society.

Taught six physics classes per day to twelfth grade students
at Governor Livingston Regional High School in Berkeley Heights,
New Jersey.

Completed evening college courses in electrical engineering, and in
advanced mathematics (differential equations) at
Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, New Jersey.

Performed troubleshooting, fault analysis, and design of electronic
circuitry, working for numerous corporations, including Bendix Avionics
and Dynalco Corporation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and with
McGraw-Edison Corp. and Industrial Timer Corp., both in New Jersey.

Worked for twenty years as an electrical engineer and designer of
electronic circuitry with Bell Telephone Laboratories in Whippany,
New Jersey. The following link displays one of the numerous electronic
devices which I designed and built.

Finished my career as an electrical engineer and electronic circuit
designer with Mobile-Vision Inc., the leading manufacturer of police
car video systems.

A long career in electronics, plus a college education in the scientific
field of physics, have given me the knowledge of electricity and
magnetism necessary to understand the nature of our electrically
driven Solar System.
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