Northeast U.S. Nuke-Leukemia Epidemic Soon

Posted by John DiNardo on March 17, 2011 at 6:55am in General on

There is an increasing probability of a leukemia epidemic in 
the New York/New Jersey/New England region.

   The U.S.G.S. and N.A.S.A. know that earth traumas are 
intensifying, because they know of the intensifying gravitational
and electromagnetic forces now being exerted upon Earth by 
an incoming brown dwarf star, which N.A.S.A. knows is being 
gravitationally sucked in by the enormous gravitational force 
field of our Sun. It's like a ball bearing rolling toward a magnet 
on a tabletop. 

   Consequently, the people of the northeastern United States 
are increasingly likely to die of leukemia from the Indian Point 
nuclear reactor, located atop the juncture of several earthquake 
faults. This brown dwarf star is nearing the inner Solar System, 
on its inexorable gravitational and centrifugal loop around the Sun. 
As it approaches to pass over Earth, Earth's mantle and crust will 
feel (and are now feeling) intensifying pull from this baby star's 
gravitational and electromagnetic force fields; hence, increasing  
earthquake activity must inevitably ensue (i.e. more widespread, 
more powerful, and with more crustal heaving and thrusting). 

   People of the New York Tri-state area: 
If you hesitate to act now, your corpses will litter the landscape, 
because, as I and other science teachers and engineers know, 
leukemia is the fate of all who are showered with radioactive fallout. 

We must somehow get the attention of anti-nuclear citizens 
groups in the greater New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area. This 
nuclear reactor sits atop the juncture of several earthquake faults. 
And as earthquakes reverberate (and are now reverberating), 
worldwide, nuclear reactors are sure to be exploding, exactly like 
Japan's nuclear reactors are now exploding. 

due to the external force fields of this Sun-attracted (Sun-drawn, 
Sun-pulled) incoming brown dwarf star, the discovery of which was 
heralded by the nation's largest newspaper, The New York Times.  
        John DiNardo 
Here is an actual photocopy of this New York Times report:
  ~~ THE EARTH INSTITUTE, Columbia University, New York City
   Press Release:  Aug. 21, 2008
 [Abstract]: A study by a group of prominent seismologists suggests
that a pattern of subtle but active faults makes the risk of earthquakes
to the New York City area substantially greater than formerly believed.
Among other things, they say that the controversial Indian Point nuclear
power plants, 24 miles north of the city, sit astride the previously
unidentified intersection of two active seismic zones. The paper appears
in the current issue of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society
of America.

*****3/18/11 UPDATE*****

( In an Email from Gordon Gianninoto 3/18/11 )

Today the Governor of New York addressed the public and stated that he is in favor of closing the Indian Point Nuclear Facility which sits on the edge of the Hudson River, just north of the city and where 20 million people live within 50 miles of it. You cannot expect that your own politicians and leaders will do the same in your state or country. You must take personal action.

Your nuclear reactors await your involvement. One atom of Plutonium can kill you and can last hundreds of thousands of years, and is invisible and has no smell, sound taste, or feel. Your senses cannot detect it. The only solution is to pack up the rods in those plants and take them away from each other sufficient to make it so that they cannot heat up and evaporate plutonium into the atmosphere.

You see that the elite have chosen to ignore warnings for the last 50 years about not only pole shift, but for almost as long, about nuclear reactors at pole shift. The elite have proven that they will pollute with impunity, believing that you are expendable and that they have the resources to survive.

The US government has now seized all supplies of Potassium Iodide. A few stores may have a few bottles left. Do you think the government will be sending you one of those bottles? Over the years you have been kept out of the loop on many subjects, and your future safety right now is only the latest. Why not step up to the plate and do something for yourself, your loved ones, and your community now?

So you have a choice, end nuclear power now, or ride it to the end, in possibly less than a year, and suffer radiation poisoning of unimaginable proportions.

Make today, the end of the nuclear age.