Why Earth is Now Bombarded by Gamma Ray Bursts by John Dinardo 3/28/11

Gamma ray bursts are constantly radiating from electromagnetically active celestial bodies outside of our Solar System. Normally, our Solar System's heliosphere serves to shield our planetary family from these constant bombardments of gamma ray bursts. Now, however, due to the depletion of our plasmatic (electrified gaseous) heliosphere-- surrounding our Solar System as a balloon would shelter a disc within it -- gamma ray bursts are not being blocked as effectively as they normally would be. Consequently, Earth is being subjected to these punishing barrages of gamma ray bursts. The logical question would arise: Why is our heliosphere depleted? I think the answer is that the intrusion, from deep space, of a brown dwarf star and its surrounding, gravitationally gripped, horde of comets, asteroids and meteors, has created an electrically conductive pathway for the electrically positive charged gaseous heliospheric plasma to discharge to its attractive opposite electrically negative charged Sun and our neutrally charged and lesser charged planetary family members. These resultant electrical discharges of the outlying heliosphere "zapping" to our Sun and its planets are called "return current sheets." A similar microcosmic electrical discharging phenomenon occurs every day in billions of electrical reactions within the circuits of man's myriad of electrical and electronic equipment; namely, when the common electrical component called the "capacitor" is allowed to discharge electrons from a point on its surface where there is an excess of electrons to a point where there is a deficiency of electrons. And this common microcosmic electrical phenomenon of the capacitor's electrical discharge serves as an exact model describing and explaining this cosmic discharging of our Solar System's heliosphere, which has resulted in the greatest bombardment of Earth by gamma ray bursts from deep space that has ever been witnessed in recorded history.

John Dinardo