Earth Rumbling DID Cause San Bruno Inferno!

My theory, posted last night, soon after the explosion, seems to be correct. 
Earth rumblings DID break the gas main, causing the San Bruno inferno! 
Major earthquakes may be about to erupt SOON around San Francisco! 
That gas main was just yards away from the San Andreas Fault! 
Please see yesterday's two postings, appended below: 
"Gas Main Broken Due to Earth Rumblings!" AND 
"Look for San Francisco Pre-Earthquake Signs, Now!" 
John DiNardo 
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From: <> 
Date: Thursday, September 9, 2010 11:31 pm 
Subject: Earth Rumblings Cause California FireStorm 
> The first few slides suggest that gas burst from the ground and 
> and ignited. Earthquakes and ground rumblings can easily break 
> gas mains, just as they have been breaking water mains all over 
> the country. People, realize that these earth rumblings are rapidly 
> intensifying, so we must unite to alert the people to plan ahead 
> to protect themselves from these proliferating disasters. A massive 
> brown dwarf star is approaching our inner Solar System, exerting 
> gravitational and electromagnetic influences upon the core, mantle, 
> and crust of our planet. The closer this brown dwarf star comes to 
> us, the larger and more widespread will be the resulting natural 
> disasters. John DiNardo 
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Date: Thursday, September 9, 2010 11:43 pm 
Subject: San Francisco Earthquake Imminent?? 
> Now, look for signs that major earthquakes might occur in and 
> around San Francisco. John