Several years ago, I spoke with a person in the Catholic clergy  
who asked to remain anonymous. Until now, I have been fearfully
reluctant to tell this story. However, with incoming cometary
threats looming, I am compelled to persuade many, to whom you
might forward this report, that the time for preparatory material
and spiritual protection seems to be growing short.
   This informant told me that the sole surviving sister among those
to whom appeared an angel of God, and were given the Three Secrets
of the so-called apparition of Fatima (Portugal, 1917), was not the
same person whom the Catholic Church represented as said girl who
later became the nun, Sister Lucia.
   This informant went on to say that the Church actually presented
two phony Sister Lucias. Photographic evidence, below, supports this
allegation of fraud and of possible murder. This informant also told
me that one of the phony Sisters Lucia rebelled against her role, and
had to be replaced.
  There is another facet to this story: the circumstances surrounding
the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958. This informant told me what was
revealed to him/her, either directly or indirectly, by the man who
was the personal secretary to Pope Pius XII, the American priest,
Fr. Richard Hewes. But first, the background to this story.
   Catholic historians are aware of a great sense of excitement that
electrified Catholics around the World in the late 1950s, as they
awaited the divulgence of the contents of Sister Lucia's 1940s letter
revealing the Third Secret of Fatima, which was sealed until the pope
was to reveal it to the World in 1960.
   This informant told me that Fr. Richard Hewes revealed that he was
present, along with Cardinal Ottaviani, when Pope Pius XII privately
opened the letter in the late 1950s. This informant went on to relate
that Fr. Hewes stated that the pope "wept bitterly for two weeks
afterward." Pope Pius XII died in 1958, soon, I suspect, after having
read the letter. Shockingly, the Third Secret of Fatima was not
revealed to the world, as the church had promised. This event strikes
me as being similar to the death of the chief astronomer of the U.S.
Naval Observatory, Dr. Robert Harrington, just before he was to
reveal to the world his telescopic images of the long sought Planet X,
and  suspectedly, its incoming trajectory. Following both of these deaths,
the information was suspiciously concealed, in flagrant violations of
promises to publish it.
   In 1980, Pope John Paul II met with select German Catholics, and
was asked why had not the Third Secret of Fatima been revealed to
the world in 1960, as promised.  The pope replied:

  ". . . it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this: if there is
   a message in which it is written that the oceans will flood whole
   areas of the earth, and that from one moment to the next, millions
   of people will perish, truly the publication of such a message is no
   longer something to be so much desired

   This bit of solid evidence ought to shatter any natural skepticism as
to the possibility that angels of God ever come down and prophesy to
us distant eventualities of human affairs.
   In 1964, four sisters in Garabandal, Spain were given visions similar
to those given to the children at Fatima in 1917. The Garabandal
sisters were given several messages by the spirit whom they called
"the angel." One of these visions was that, at a certain time in the
distant future, no electric motor would be operable anywhere on
Earth. Now, these unlearned peasant children would not invent such a
seemingly irrelevant, and, to them, unfamiliar concept. But I perceive
the uncanny accuracy of this prophesy.
   When a large celestial body passes within so many millions of miles
from Earth, as it is gravitationally accelerated toward our Sun, the
passing celestial body's enveloping cloud of plasma (electrified gases)
constitutes electric charge in motion -- and electric charge in motion
generates an invisible billowing electromagnetic field that surrounds
the flight path of that plasma saturated celestial body, just as a
chemtrail billows out and surrounds the flight path of an airplane.
That is a well known phenomenon of electromagnetism in physics.  
   As this enormous plasma saturated celestial body passes so many
millions of miles by Earth toward its gravitational rendezvous with  
our Sun, that billowing electromagnetic field cuts through all of Planet
Earth, like a ghost passing through walls. This Earth-penetrating
electromagnetic field would be so strong that it would wipe out, cancel
out, the individual electromagnetic and permanent magnetic fields
internal to all electric motors, which allow them to operate. Thus, all
electric motors on Earth would be rendered inoperable.
   Now, there is a miracle of prophesy that cannot be debunked.
                            John DiNardo

  Pope John Paul II speaks of prophesied earth catastrophes.

  Photographic evidence showing that the church perpetrated this
  hoax as to the identity of Sister Lucia. Consequently, the true
  cause of her death remains a mystery. In light of all the facts given
  herein, murder must be suspected.

  "In fact, since 1970, Sister Lucy had been silenced, forbidden
   to speak to anyone about the Fatima message without prior
   authorization of the Vatican."

  Outline of the story of the Third Secret of Fatima.