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As I mentioned in my newsletter last week, my guest on RBN on 2/3/13 was

UK journalist Christina England to discuss her latest investigation into the ongoing vaccine induced genocide of the indigenous Tibu peoples in Chad, Africa. PLEASE listen to this show and share with others. You can access the archive and listen commercial free at this link: http://thelightofdayradioshow.com/archives/RBN-BACKUP/New-RBN-Dr-Carley-Archives.html

As was announced on 1/18/13, Bill Gates announced in an interview: “I have no use for money. This is God’s work”. Having already given away $28bn, Bill Gates [allegedly] intends to eradicate polio, with the same drive he brought to Microsoft. (Of course, he knows the oral polio vaccine is CAUSING polio: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/08/28/polio-eradication-campaign.aspx ). It was reported in the interview of Gates that at the end of January, Gates would deliver the BBC’s Dimbleby Lecture, taking as his theme the value of the young human being . This is self evident proof of the level of psychopathy of this man, since his vaccine induced genocide proves that the value of the young human being to himself is nothing more than as a lab rat (and this is allegedly “God’s work”). This interview can be accessed at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/bill-gates/9812672/Bill-Gates-interview-I-have-no-use-for-money.-This-is-Gods-work.html

Please read the article written by investigative journalist Christina England at http://vactruth.com/2013/01/25/paralyzed-symptoms-in-head regarding how the African government is stating that children paralyzed after a meningitis vaccine are not truly paralyzed; it is “all in their head”. In our RBN interview, Christina goes into how she became aware of the vaccine induced atrocities continuing in Chad, and what her contact has gone through to get information to her, including how vaccine damaged loved ones of this contact were evacuated to another hospital, with state police ordered to prevent journalists from asking any questions, etc.

I was given medical records of 4 of the children to do a scientific evaluation. There were many serious violations of the WHO’s own guidelines in the investigation of AEFI’s (adverse event following immunization) which can be accessed at http://www.who.int/vaccine_safety/initiative/investigation/AEFI_Investigation_Aide_Memoire.pdf . It is very important for anyone with a vaccine damaged love one to have this WHO document, as it specifies how such adverse event investigations are supposed to be done to determine if a vaccine is responsible. In the medical records I evaluated, it is documented that one of the children suffering from vaccine induced seizures was given an anti-psychotic (thorazine) which has a side effect of seizures. Only one of the children was reported to have “irregular antibodies” (however, the irregularity was not mentioned). Apparently the other hospitalized children did not have this test done. But the MOST disturbing finding in the medical records was the “diagnosis at entry: MAPI: undesirable postvaccinal manifestation”. I found out the significance of this “MAPI” designation in the article “WHO IS CRAZY ? The Plight of the Tibu Children and the Chad Vaccination Case” by Ecoterra International posted at


On page 1 this document lists the organizations involved with the MenAfriVac project in Chad:

Besides the Ministry of Health of Chad, the following organizations are involved with the MenAfriVac vaccination project in Chad:

CDC – US American Centre for Disease Control
FDA – US American Food and Drug Administration
BMGF – US American Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
GAVI - Global Vaccination Alliance, which finances the meningitis vaccination project with  USD 571 million.
PATH – Anglo-American Program for Appropriate Technology in Health
MVP – Intl. Meningitis Vaccine Project
WHO – The United Nations World Health Organization
UNICEF – The UN's United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
MSF (France) - Médecin Sans Frontier”

The incestuous conflicts of interest amongst the above vaccine promoting agencies and policy makers was extremely well documented in the article “A Dragon by the Tail” by Lisa Reagan published in 2005 by www.byronchild.com. The article is available at http://www.whale.to/vaccines/reagan.html , and it documents the self evident corruption and fraud involved amongst these agencies where vaccine injuries are concerned. Also, in the book “Immunological Adjuvants and Vaccines” , Series A: Life Science Vol. 179, NATO ASI Series, published in 1989, Plenum Press, NY, there is a chapter entitled “The development and preliminary clinical evaluation of an antifertility vaccine” being researched by the WHO. Since the WHO obviously has a strong interest in population reduction, the vaccine damage being done to the Tibu children of Chad and the subsequent media blackout of what is going on speaks for itself.

Additionally, one of the most important smoking guns found in the medical records in this ongoing travesty was the admission diagnosis for these children, “MAPI”, which is NOT a diagnosis. It stands for the “MAPI Research Trust (MRT), a private-public sponsored entity engaged in pharma-epidemiological RESEARCH. Thus, the records of these children reveal that they are being used as guinea pigs to test this vaccine, which made children ill starting on day one of the experiment...yet the vaccinators continued with their program unabated.

IT IS SELF EVIDENT THAT THIS IS A VACCINE INDUCED CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, happening RIGHT NOW. The conspirators in the government of Chad who offered up these children as experimental test subjects have committed treason against the people of Chad. The penalty for treason is DEATH.

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