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Rebecca Carley, MD www.reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com

This newsletter is a continuation from last week. I am going to continue to enumerate very important documents and websites which prove beyond ANY doubt that vaccines are bioweapons being intentionally used to depopulate the earth. This is genocide, a crime against humanity. Since there is no agency that is not aiding and abetting the psychopaths behind it all to report these crimes to, only a critical mass of humanity facing reality and rising up against their predators will stop this. And the answer is so simple…just say NO! Take heart at the fact that there is a massive awakening of humanity happening at this time, as I have witnessed based on the number of people I hear from in other countries. The investigation into the vaccine induced paralysis and seizures in the Tibu children of Chad has brought together a number of investigators who are exposing this atrocity. One of the amazing people who is involved is Desiree Rover, medical research journalist, author and radio host from the Netherlands. She has translated many of the documents involving the Tibu children from French to English. (One of the most important documents she translated was the WHO adverse event following immunization guidelines (http://www.who.int/vaccine_safety/initiative/investigation/AEFI_Investigation_Aide_Memoire.pdf ), which they NEVER follow). Desiree is very active in the Netherlands regarding the “big picture” of assaults being made in the war being waged on humanity; please listen to her interview of me on 2/17/13 available at http://thelightofdayradioshow.com/archives/RBN-BACKUP/New-RBN-Dr-Carley-Archives.html (she will also be my guest this Sunday (2/24/13) on www.republicbroadcasting.org. As we on the front lines compare notes and strategies, the momentum of the awakening is increasing. It is very important to remember this as the psychopaths’gnashing of teeth becomes more obvious.

I will now continue to list other important documents which I suggest you print out and put in your “Proof that Vaccines are Bioweapons” notebook.

Document # 5: “Not for publication” documents uncovered by UK investigative journalist Christina Endland proving the UK vaccine promoters have known for decades that vaccines cause subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (which is autism) . These documents are available in her article available at http://vactruth.com/2012/08/30/government-document-vaccine-unsafe

Document # 6: Article “A Dragon by the Tail” by Lisa Reagan which reveals the massive conflicts of interest involving all of the vaccine promoting agencies (http://www.whale.to/vaccines/reagan.html ). This one article proves criminal conspiracy among so many entities who promote bioweapon vaccines as a health care miracle.

DOCUMENT # 7: Physicians Warranty of Vaccine Safety available at http://www.reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com/files/3638448/uploaded/Physicians-Warranty-of-Vaccine-Safety.pdf . This very important document I found years ago on the internet can be downloaded and presented to anyone trying to coerce you to accept inoculations. They will be signing that they know everything in the vaccines, and guarantee these ingredients cannot hurt your child (or pet). NO VACCINATOR WILL EVER SIGN THIS FORM; and in addition to the available vaccine exemption(s) in your state, you should be able to put up a wall to protect your loved one from assault by syringe.

DOCUMENT # 8: “Science of Vaccine Damage” article available at http://www.reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com/files/3638448/uploaded/Science%20of%20Vaccine%20Damage.pdf . This article includes references from 19 scientific studies done at Purdue University Veterinary School between 1985 and 2005 which found what I have been saying for so many years…that vaccines cause a corruption in the immune system which leads to all autoimmune disease, non-traumatic seizures, cancer and genetic damage, in people and in pets. (Note that Big Pharma was NOT involved in these studies; rather they were funded by the Hayword Foundation (as concern that vaccines were affecting the immune system already existed). Yet, this evidence going back almost 3 decades has been ignored by the “Dragon by the Tail” crowd. I was sent this article a few years ago, and it has validated what I figured out over 15 years ago…that vaccine induced diseases are the biggest epidemic the world has ever known.

DOCUMENT # 9: Package Insert for Rabies vaccine available at http://www.reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com/files/3638448/uploaded/Rabies%20insert.pdf . This is the only vaccine package insert I have ever seen that admits that "Tissue-origin vaccines contain extraneous protein in addition to rabies antigen that can lead to autoimmune disease." Ask your white coat to explain why this fact is not true for ALL vaccines.

DOCUMENT # 10: NIH grant to the Wistar Institute to develop a vaccine for WEAPONIZED RABIES VIRUS which can be given orally or intranasally (and therefore can be aerosolized) available at http://thelightofdayradioshow.com/archives/RBN-BACKUP/June-2012/oral_vaccine_to_inhalation_rabies.htm . OBVIOUSLY THEY HAD TO DEVELOP THE WEAPONIZED RABIES VIRUS FIRST.

DOCUMENT # 11: Special Article: Fifty Years Later: The Significance of the Nuremberg Code” From the New England Journal of Medicine available at http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJM199711133372006 . It states in this article that “The Nuremberg Code is the most important document in the history of the ethics of medical research.1-6 The Code was formulated 50 years ago, in August 1947, in Nuremberg, Germany, by American judges sitting in judgment of Nazi doctors accused of conducting murderous and torturous human experiments in the concentration camps (the so-called Doctors' Trial).7 It served as a blueprint for today's principles that ensure the rights of subjects in medical research.” Putting aside the fraud involved in the “holocaust fairytale”, the fact that the NEJM would be publishing an article on the Nuremburg Code and how important its ethical principles are the ultimate example of “opposite day”. The medical mafia of today is controlled by psychopaths who are causing disease intentionally, committing euthanasia and genocide, and developing new ways to cause neurological dysfunction at many levels. Documents 1-10 when combined with document 11 should send any vaccine promoter running with their tail between their legs. Please do e-mail or skype me with any experiences you have SHARING THESE DOCUMENTS!

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