I have been sent a document out of Canada from 2009 making it obvious that this terrorist attack on the people of the world has been planned for some time:

Note that the definition of "zombie" given on page 1 is "a reanimated human corpse that feeds on living human flesh".  More disinfo; what is going on is not "reanimation of the dead".  Zombie is also defined as one who looks or behaves like an automaton (robot).  It is obvious to me that people are being infected with a tweaked rabies virus.  The likely tweak done has been published on the following site (along with the most obvious disinfo and agenda):



 Very important article...obviously disinfo, concentrating on LQP-79, "Lysergic Quinine Protein in an attempt to create a mind control substance ready for human trials."  Next they call it a virus...
a solitary protein is not a virus!  What it looks like to me is that the way they tweaked the rabies virus to be more likely to create human cannibals was to combine it with this LSD like particle.  Important that the actual virus is NEVER NAMED in any of the posts on this site.

The MOST OBVIOUS proof that this is disinfo is the statement "America is not prepared for a zombie virus with
NO VACCINE AVAILABLE and they expect it could take as long as 6 to 8 months to find a suitable human vaccine for the LQP-79 virus.

Yeah, THAT'S THE TICKET!  We need to start inoculating people with this horror!  THAT WILL
CAUSE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. This is the exact same tactic they used to try to get the bird/swine flu pandemic going; brainwash people into being inoculated with the bioweapon they created by claiming such inoculation would PROTECT the people.

How much more will the people who are awake allow to take place before they take action?  Once this spreads to the point that martial law and quarantine is started, we are toast.  Quarantine is where this monster will be unleashed.  What a way to go.  Watch the preview of the movie "Quarantine", which is the most accurate of the zombie movies (as it reveals the cause to be rabies, and shows what Quarantine REALLY means); 

If you watch the whole movie, near the end where the reporter is looking through the files in the lab that created the weaponized rabies, she opens a file folder that has a photo of an arm with what looks like a vaccinia virus infection (present in the live Raboral rabies virus bait packets being dropped on nature, see below)....

 Make sure to monitor any outside areas they are exposed to so that if the live rabies "vaccine" is dropped on your property, you can get rid of it before they eat it.  Do not pick it up without gloves, as it has the vaccinia (smallpox variant) virus in it (as is admitted on government sites, including this one from the PA DOH:

HAN #213 - 8/11/2011 - Pennsylvania

Note that it mentions at the bottom of page 1 that "Raboral-V contains LIVE highly attenuated RECOMBINANT VACCINIA VIRUS" (besides live rabies virus).  The vaccinia virus was created when cowpox was injected into people who then came in contact with smallpox virus (thanks to Edward Jenner).  Is there any non-nefarious explanation for this?  NO.

National Geographic article from 2010 "Zombie virus possible via Rabies Flu hybrid?" (i.e., rabies that can be spread through the air); note that the last sentence states that nature doesn't allow these things to happen...[unstated reality is that only a bioweapons lab could do this]...

Note that the WHO is having a conference this fall on "dual use research" (i.e., bioweapons research that can be used for good or malicious purposes)...Obviously the "good" use would allegedly be to create a vaccine to inoculate people with the weaponized virus they created in the first place)...


Note that NO pathogen has ever been found that is not killed by colloidal silver.  If I were you, I would be gulping it at this point.  If you don't have a generator yet, now is the time to obtain one. Check out the Silver Lungs generator at http://www.reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com/links

If I were you, I would give colloidal silver to your pets as well...