We just had a strange Weather system roll thru Arizona over the last 3 days.. Lots of Wind, sometimes close to being a Category-1 Hurricane Force plus Snow for our Mountain ranges & LOTS of rain..
Tornadoes reported in Sierra Vista & Scottsdale and possibly at a Freeway Exit on I-10 between Benson & Tucson, all happening on Thursday evening.. Winter tornadoes in this part of the Country at this time of the year is very unique..
As I was headed Northbound on I-19 out of Nogales to go back to Tucson the same night, I witnessed in a small section of the Western Sky, 4 successive flashes of Blue light-the sky literally exploding into a Light-Blue color..
As some of you might remember, there was many many weeks ago the Blue Corkscrew-shaped Spiral of Light seen over  Norway ( Dec. 9th ) & guess what-on that same night I witnessed a blue ball of light exploding in the Northwestern part of the Sky between Nogales & Tucson !!!!
Back to that sky exploding on Thursday night..  I went home to look up Earthquakes around the World and within 5-10 minutes of me witnessing that sky exploding into a blue color, there was an Earthquake in Nevada ( a 3.2 or 3.4 )...
Now, the $64 million question is: Is this WORMWOOD getting closer & beginning to interact with our Sun's Electrical & Magnetic fields OR, is this Weather Warfare Technology at work here ?? John Moore has stated that Earthquakes will become alot more common & severe in intensity, Vulcanism will increase ( there's been over 900 quakes around Yellowstone since Sunday now ), 200 mph winds will come down to the deck, etc. etc..