What’s Ailing America?


Rebecca Carley, MD www.reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com

HERE WE GO AGAIN. Another “terrorist attack” at the Boston Marathon. George Stephanopalis asked on ABC news this morning…”how will our country change after this attack?” For anyone with a memory and the ability to overstand the patterns and practices of the psychopaths which control our world, there is nothing like a terrorist attack to use as an excuse to bring forth more tyranny against the people as an excuse to “protect” them.

I have gleaned from listening to these mainstream media propaganda broadcasts that yesterday was “Patriot’s Day” in Boston; a Massachusetts holiday which celebrates the opening battle of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. The bombs went off at the finish line. It is obvious to me that this is a strong message to those of us trying to wake up the masses as to who the real terrorists are that there is nothing we can do to stop the psychopaths.

The bombs went off at 4 hours and 9 minutes, when the bulk of the 23,000 runners were to cross the finish line. One of the runners, a coach from the University of Mobile’s Cross Country team, reported (as per http://www.local15tv.com/mostpopular/story/UM-Coach-Bomb-Sniffing-Dogs-Spotters-on-Roofs/BrirjAzFPUKKN8z6eSDJEA.cspx ) that “he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.
They kept making announcements to the participants
do not worry, it's just a training exercise," Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15.
Stevenson said he saw law enforcement spotters on the roofs at the start of the race. He's been in plenty of marathons in Chicago, D.C., London and other major metropolitan areas but
has never seen that level of security before.
I don't believe they were just having a training exercise," Stevenson said. "I think they must have had some sort of threat or suspicion called in."

There were thousands of police, FBI, reservists, etc. who were assigned to make sure the marathon proceeded safely with no problems. At the least, we see how worthless their “services” are. Knowing how false flags work, I suspect that it is more likely that many of these government minions were involved at some level.

The Boston Marathon started in 1897. Runners from all over the world participate. Thus, the participants from other places can go home and relate what happened. Just like with 9-11, the horrors of what happened can be personalized. Continual playing of the videotaped horrors on tell-lie-vision creates PTSD in many who watch; this is how the psychopaths prime the sheep to demand police state solutions which will result in the further loss of their freedom (problem – reaction – solution). This has happened so many times, it is mind blowing to me that so few people can see the master template. ABC news “investigate journalist” Brian Ross reported “there is a killer at large…possibly a “lone wolf” domestic terrorist”. As soon as I heard that, I realized that it is very likely that they will target some veteran, which will strengthen Janet Napolitano’s claim that veterans are potential “lone wolf” terrorists, allowing for demand for those veterans who have PTSD (because of what they have witnessed during the fake wars in Iraq and Afghanistan) to be targeted so that they will be forced to give up all of their weapons. Perfect timing, since so many in the military are now waking up as to how they have been used to commit horrific war crimes to benefit the psychopaths. One of these veterans is Ken O’Keefe, who has a you tube video entitled ”Iran is not the threat; WE are!” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RWqI7m0Mmbk (He will be my guest on 4/21/13 on www.republicbroadcasting.org). These soldiers must be robbed of their weapons lest they decide to follow their oath to protect us from the terrorists WITHIN in the district of criminals. Or, perhaps they will be labeled as terrorists and targeted with drones. We are watching what is happening to hero Bradley Manning, who is being persecuted for sharing with Wikileaks evidence of crimes against humanity by the US. Perhaps they will kill him with a drone as he sits in jail to keep anything else from coming out.

Below the HLN reporting of the “terrorist attack” this morning, a banner scanned across the bottom of the screen stated “experts say that the attack may have been planned to coincide with other domestic terror attacks that have occurred in April, including the Oklahoma city bombing, Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings, as well as WACO. Very interesting that they would include WACO, since it was self evident who the terrorists were at WACO…

As I write this newsletter, I monitor the main stream talking heads, who continually spout that “our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston”. Are any of you as sick as I am of hearing those worthless words when these horrific false flags events occur? Flags all over the country are being lowered to half staff. They love to memorialize their crimes against humanity.

Diane Sawyer stated that “you cannot escape the graphic images” [because we will continue to broadcast them as we did after 9-11, to induce trauma based programming in the slave work units]. This is how they accomplish getting those slave work units to accept further tyranny as a solution.

A funny “coincidence” that occurred during the morning ABC news broadcast was that as the reporters in NY were spewing out the fact that we will now have to live with a “new normal” just as occurred after 9-11…there was a bus driving by in the background that had a huge ad taking up the entire side of the bus which stated “DECEPTION” (the name of a new series on TV). This while the lips of the media whores were moving. I would call that a divine intervention…however, I am sure that this was lost on most. And then there is this mention of bombing at Boston Marathon in recent “family Guy” cartoon episode… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv3u7AWSLfM .

Once again, I ask you to please now watch the speech from the 1976 “Network” movie, which holds true even more today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WINDtlPXmmE .ARE YOU OUTRAGED YET?. Please spread the word…and be sure to listen to my interview with veteran Ken O’Keefe this Sunday. Scheduled before this latest false flag…but perfectly timed.

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