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In last week’s newsletter I discussed the fact that the classic pathological description for Alzheimers disease which describes aluminum as the base to which the dead neurons in the form of “neurofibrillary tangles” adhere has now been rewritten to blame inflammation as the cause. This is mentioned in the article about a universal flu vaccine posted at

http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/health/medical/health/medical/coldflu/story/2011/07/Long-term-universal-flu-shot-on-horizon/49671698/1 . The article quotes Dr Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, under “other advances springing from investment in biomedical research”, that “Alzheimer's studies suggest inflammation, rather than brain-tangling proteins, triggers many cases of the dementia that afflicts more than 5 million, according to NIH”. As I explained last week, the neurofibrillary tangles are created by neurons destroyed by mercury; these dead neurons wrap around aluminum deposits. Aluminum deposits surrounded by neurofibrillary tangles have been the hallmark pathological findings described in autopsies of patients with Alzheimers disease for decades. This means that medical books will have to be rewritten, and that pathologists already in the field will have to be ordered to change their findings in these patients to hide the truth.

Regarding autism, this has been listed as a psychiatric diagnosis for many years in an attempt to distract from the fact that it is actually subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) caused by vaccines. I realized this over 15 years ago, when I reviewed the book “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine” which is used to teach “internal medicine” to medical students all over the world. You can read the page on SSPE at http://www.reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com/files/3638448/uploaded/SSPE_from_Harrisons%20optimized.pdf , where you will see the symptoms discussed; as well as the statement that a “few reported cases may have been related to measles vaccination”. Of course they then make the statement that “the risk of SSPE following measles vaccination is far less than the risk of encephalitis or SSPE following natural measles” (a ridiculous statement since the measles vaccine is a live virus injected directly into the bloodstream, and the admission of vaccine reactions is almost non-existent anyways). Every single autism group has been made aware of this fact by myself; yet, without exception, they all perpetrate the “mercury causes autism” fraud while soliciting donations from the parents they are lying to. Worse yet, not telling the parents that the protocol I have developed has reversed thousands of cases of autism (as well as all other vaccine induced diseases, in people and in pets).

One site I have promoted is www.vactruth.com because it publishes the work of UK investigative journalist Christina England. Christina’s research led her to secret documents detailing the meetings of various vaccine promoting minions where they were discussing autism being SSPE. (You can find this article published in August of 2012 at http://vactruth.com/2012/08/30/government-document-vaccine-unsafe ). I was thrilled that she found this evidence that they know SSPE is autism, and have been hiding it from the public for decades. This article went viral, and should have put an end to the “mercury causes autism” scam. It validated what I have been saying for over 15 years.

The editor of the vac truth website is Jeffrey John Aufderheide, who claims he has a vaccine injured child (although he turned down my offer to do a free consult for that child a few years ago). I told him years ago that autism is SSPE, yet he ignored me and continued to publish the “mercury causes autism” lie. That was until last August, when Christina England came up with her incontrovertible proof in her above referenced article.

WHY then, since the true cause of autism has been identified, would he write the article posted at http://vactruth.com/2013/03/23/autism-and-vaccines/?utm_source=The+Vaccine+Truth+Newsletter&utm_campaign=5c2c027301-03_23_2013_autism&utm_medium=email , where he has now joined the “inflammation” disinfo crowd? Is this a coincidence as the NIH director is now claiming inflammation also causes Alzheimers? In this article he discusses “2 Studies Show Inflammation in Pregnancy Linked to Autism and Vaccines”. The articles he sites are written by the NIH, who are also proclaiming this new “inflammation” cause of autism allegedly due to vaccination of pregnant women…. of course, the incidence of autism skyrocketed when the MMR vaccine was introduced. Vaccines were started in pregnant women many years later. Worse yet, he also brings up the mercury issue distraction.

As I have stated many times, every ingredient in vaccines is toxic and causes damage in different ways. Mercury and aluminum in vaccines cause Alzheimers. However, SSPE/autism is due to an autoimmune attack on the myelin sheath leading to demyelination due to the molecular mimicry of the measles virus being similar in structure to myelin basic protein (which serves as the insulator to allow conduction in nerves, analogous to the plastic coating on an electrical cord). AUTOIMMUNITY IS NOT THE SAME AS INFLAMMATION. I tried to find a link where you could learn the difference; unfortunately, I could not find any information that was written in terms plain enough so as to be easily understood. However, the sudden appearance of the “inflammation” explanation for these 2 diseases is an obvious attempt to distract from the truth. Please ask yourself why Aufderheide would write such an article trying to distract from the truth that Christina England has published. The minions who lie to the people must be identified, and I will continue to do so…as the destruction of the human race is happening, in large part, due to bioweapon vaccines. THIS IS NOT A GAME.

It is now self evident that the vac “truth” site is run by a minion who profits by lying to and confusing the people. Please spread the word…

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