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Last Sunday, on May 5th, 2013, my guest was UK investigative journalist Christina England. The topic of our show was the never ending conspiracy amongst vaccine promoters. The archive of this show can be accessed at http://thelightofdayradioshow.com/archives/RBN-BACKUP/New-RBN-Dr-Carley-Archives.html . Christina has now proven how the greeting card company Hallmark is in the vaccine business, and is conspiring with governors of many states to send “congratulations” mailings to parents of newborns reminding them of the importance of getting their newborns inoculated with disease. I hope that anyone who heard that show or is reading this newsletter will boycott Hallmark, and never purchase another of their cards or other products.

The Most Dangerous Greeting Your Child May Ever Receive


We also discussed how the medical psychopaths are now developing a vaccine for autistic patients who have GI disturbances…

Scientists Developing New Autism Vaccine Ignoring Likely Cause, Pushing Pharma’s Agenda


This is how it works…they create a problem with vaccines (autism is actually subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, caused by the MMR vaccine), and then they create a vaccine to “treat” the vaccine induced disease). Christina found decades old secret documents proving that what I have been saying for 16 years (i.e., that autism is actually SSPE; they changed the name to autism to hide this fact); this is addressed in her article which can be accessed at http://vactruth.com/2012/08/30/government-document-vaccine-unsafe . This PROVES that there is a conspiracy to create disease with vaccines. Those involved are committing crimes against humanity of the highest order while claiming that vaccines are for the promotion of health. This is the biggest (medical) lie that has ever been told.

On my show, I also discussed with Christina the following article:

Supreme Court Suit Filed over HPV Vaccine Tragedy in India


Other important articles on the www.vactruth.com site include the following:

Government Funded Phone App Tracks “Vaccine Refusers”


Police State” Registry System Being Set Up to Track Your Vaccination Status


A “public servant” with a conscience has been identified in Maine; check out the following:

Sanford lawmaker wants doctors to disclose vaccine ingredients


You can listen to her being interviewed at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/themaryandsallieshow/2013/05/05/legislator-of-the-week-rep-andrea-boland-maine . I am hoping she will agree to be on my show in the near future. I sent her an e-mail that another document that pediatricians (and veterinarians) should be mandated to give to potential vaccinees is 42 USC § 300aa–25 - Recording and reporting of information, which can be located at http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/42/300aa-25 . There you will see the following: A report under paragraph (1) respecting a vaccine shall include the time periods after the administration of such vaccine within which vaccine-related illnesses, disabilities, injuries, or conditions, the symptoms and manifestations of such illnesses, disabilities, injuries, or conditions, or deaths occur, and the manufacturer and lot number of the vaccine. I have waited for over a decade for the CDC to reveal what "vaccine-related illnesses, disabilities, injuries, or conditions, the symptoms and manifestations of such illnesses, disabilities, injuries, or conditions" are.  To date, NO RESPONSE.  However, my 16 years of research has already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that essentially all diseases in "internal medicine" are caused by vaccines (as validated in the research contained in the article "Science of Vaccine Damage, which can be accessed at http://www.reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com/files/3638448/uploaded/Science%20of%20Vaccine%20Damage.pdf ).

Meanwhile, in NYS, the prostitutes for big pharma are conspiring to assault children in school with bioweapon vaccines….

Urgent Press Release: NY Assembly Voting to Give Vaccines to Minors Without Parent’s Permission


On Monday, May 6, a new bill is to be brought to the New York State Assembly floor which will allow licensed physicians to administer preventative medical care for sexually transmitted diseases, including vaccines to minors without their parent’s permission.This will include the vaccinations for hepatitis B and HPV.”

Christina informed me this morning that Bill A497 has been laid aside! We have not won the war, but this is definitely a victory, even though it could only be a small one.

Laid aside for now….until they can sneak it into some other legislation without the people knowing what is going on. IF I WERE YOU, I WOULD TAKE MY CHILDREN OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS…AND HOME SCHOOL THEM TO PROTECT THEM FROM THE PSYCHOPATHS.

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