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Bob on C2CAM with George Noory 3/30/16 ( Hr-2 & 3 )
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Bob on Al Warren's "Z Talk Radio" 2/29/16. Episode titled "Lost In Space with Bob Fletcher"
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Also Archived Here #1
Also Archived Here #2
Also Archived Here #3 ( Podomatic )

Bob Fletcher on The Bonnie Harvey at Hebrew Nation Radio 1/14/16..
Radio Archive link Here

Bob Fletcher on Erin Dakins 'Truth Traveler 11/05/15..
Hour-1 Here
Hour-2 Here

Bob on Jimmy Church's 'FADE to BLACK' 11/04/15
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Dave’s featured guest on The Common Sense Show 8/16/15 is Bob Fletcher.
The topic is…Is Planet X real and does it pose a threat to life on earth? Dave Hodges will also be presenting leaked DOD material on the two dozen elements of martial law to be rolled out under Jade Helm. I only posted Hour-2 & 3 Highlighting the important aspects of incoming Planet X & Hour-3 has Paul Martin of Revolution Radio discussing an important discovery in Eastern Colorado !!!

Bob Fletcher on The Appearance Portal 8/13/15..
Blog Talk Radio link Here

Bob Fletcher on C2CAM 7/23/15..
Mp3 Here

In the first half, retired investigative researcher Bob Fletcher talked about the latest evidence for the rogue 'Planet X,' and how underground cities and hideouts have been developed for the elite to seek refuge. He believes that missing billions or even trillions from the Federal Reserve could be connected to the creation of hundreds of underground survival locations. Other nations in addition to the US, such as Russia and China have also been building such facilities. According to his research, Planet X or Nibiru was first discovered in the 1980s, and the Pope and the Vatican are aware of its nearing arrival. The Jade Helm exercise is a trial run for martial law that is coming, probably a few months before Planet X is visible, so that the population can be controlled in advance of its arrival, Fletcher contended. The extraordinary weather, increased volcanic activity, and other global changes are associated with Planet X growing closer, he commented. As Planet X makes it closest approach (possibly in March of 2016, he suggested), the earth will reel from devastating tsunamis and other cataclysms, he warned. However, Fletcher has learned that the Defense Dept. and NASA may be working on a secret plan to deflect the planet, using a fleet of remote controlled space planes with particle beam/directed energy technology.

BP Earth Watch Live- LIVE BLOGTALK Radio Show 7/17/15 with Gill Broussard

Bob Fletcher was slated to be on 'The Common Sense Show' for his 2nd Presentation on 7/04/14 but due to a nearby forest Fire, Bob had to give last-minute notice he was evacuating his residency, which ended up being over 4 days away from his cottage...Dave however had a guest on in the 2nd hour & they discussed PLanet X anyways..Bob will be Re-Scheduled for a Full 2 hour show eventually..
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Bob Fletcher on a show 6/11/15
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Bob Fletcher on FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM RADIO on Talk Shoe Radio 5/22/15..
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Bob Fletcher on Hagmann & Hagmann Report 4/22/15..
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Bob Fletcher on C2CAM 4/08/15..
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Bob Fletcher on Interstellar Realities Radio with PASTOR STEVE LEYDIG 4/06/15..
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Light Of Day Audio File

Bob Fletcher on 'John B. Wells Caravan To Midnight', Episode #220, 1/29/15..
Fletcher on John B. Wells program 1/29/15

Bob Fletcher on 'The Prophecy Club', January 20 thru 22nd, 2015..
Entirety here

Bob Fletcher on Marshall Masters 'Cut To The Chase' Show, January, 2015..
Entirety here

Bob Fletcher on Dave HodgePodge's "The Common Sense Show" on RBN 12/21/14 Ad-Free ( 3-Parts )..
PT-1   PT-2   PT-3

Bob Fletcher on 'Tribulation Now' with Host John the Baptist..The Imminent Threat of Planet X..Wed., 12/18/14..
Entirety here

Bob Fletcher with Steve Quayle on Hagmann & Hagmann Report 12/05/14
Entirety Here

Bob Fletcher talks Planet X on 'Nutrimedical Report' 11/06/14

Posted: November, 2014- Nebra Sky Disc Decoded - Return of Planet X, bobfletcherinvestigations.com

Aquarian Radio 10/17/14: We the Anunnaki ~ Bob Fletcher, Bob Evans, Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin
Watch it HERE

Nibiru is Real aka Planet X, Bob Fletcher 10/13/14
Mp3 Only HERE

Bob Fletcher on Coast To Coast AM 10/5/14 on the pending Planet X threat...

Bob Fletcher on 'Truth Frequency with Chris & Sheree Geo' 1/26/14 on the pending Planet X threat...
HR-2 Only

James Jancik interviews Bob Fletcher on 'Feet To The Fire' 10/13/13

Bob Fletcher Acknowledges PLANET X on infowars 9/23/13 !!!!

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