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Pioneer 10 still searching by 'The Victoria Advocate' 6/14/88 report

MISC PLANET-X Radio Shows, Bytes, Etc..
This is the Infrared Astronomical Satellite aka 'IRAS', launched Jan. 1983 & FOUND Planet-X that same year

new.png Alex Backman presents Alt. version of DiNardos' Fatima-Garabandal PDF, 3/14/16 new.png
Backman's PDF Here

new.png Bart Sibrel's 3/03/16 Outstanding Prediction on Planet X Arrival Date ( 2017 ) new.png
PDF Here

Alex Jones finally concurring Planet X is REAL, but puts out disinfo about it
Entire Clip HERE

new.png Chris & Sheree Geo at 'Truth Frequency' Radio 1/22/16 on Planet X Recent News new.png

new.png Alex Backman 1/21/16 on ASTRONOMERS CONFIRM PLANET X new.png

new.png Richard A. Miller on Rense Radio 1/20/16 new.png
Hour-1 Here

new.png Steve Quayle mentions PLANET X affecting Earth on INFOWHORES 8-27-15 at end of Hour-3 new.png
Entirety Here

Clyde Lewis' 'Ground Zero' 8/03/15
THE RAIN OF TERROR Meteorites were seen over Iran and Argentina a few days ago, giving rise to prophetic hysteria of apocalyptic proportions. Additional concerns over record breaking temperatures in Iran along with a strong earthquake are making many wonder if this is a prelude for an asteroid hit in September..
Ground Zero News report Link

new.png Bart Sibrel on 'Flow of Wisdom' with Sean Anthony 7/26/15 on Planet X new.png
Hour-1 Here
Hour-2 Here

new.png Guest Gil Broussard appears on "Mr. BP Earth Watch" 7/17/15 to discuss Planet 7X new.png
Entirety Here

new.png Scientist ‘Muzzled’ about Incoming Solar System REPORT by Alex Backman 7/01/15 new.png
Report Here

new.png Alexander Backman 6/16/15 on 'Revolution Radio' elaborates upon Devastating Earth Changes taking place new.png
Mp3 Here

new.png Augusto Perez talks approaching Cosmic Event of Planet X on Doug Hagmann's show 5/18/15.. new.png
Entirety here

new.png Steve Quayle alerts the public via a Navy Seal Source that Planet X is a THREAT.. new.png
Mp3 Link 1 Here
Mp3 Link 2 Here

Stan Deyo talks Current Uptick Worldwide on Seismic activity 2/06/15
Infowars 2/6/15 Hour-2 Here

Augusto Perez Interview on Planet X(7X) with Gil Broussard, Early Feb. 2015 ..
You Tube here ( 8-parts )
Audio-only mp3 Here

Stan Deyo on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report 1/28/15..
Entirety here

Are We Close to Discovering Planet X? Dec. 1st, 2014
PDF Here ( in case it's removed !!)

Deagle on inbound Planet X on Rense Radio 11/06/14

Clyde Lewis' 'Ground Zero' 4/23/14 on Asteroid Threats...
While astronauts are giving us chilling findings about potentially hazardous near-earth objects, the CFR is confirming that the United States needs to leverage its influence to prevent ‘space danger’ from occurring in the very near future.
Before It's News Link

Clyde Lewis' 'Ground Zero' 4/4/14 revisiting topic of PLANET X...
While various specialist groups have been searching for a missing jet liner in the south Pacific, those searching for Planet X received some hope in an announcement that the planet is out there. FULL REPORT HERE

Former MAINSTREAM Meteorologist Scott Stevens 4/27/11 ADMITS that PLANET X is REAL & he now lives in Southern Colorado...

The Gary Null Show on 10/06/11 presents a DIRE Report on what a Catastrophic Solar Storm could do to us VERY soon..

The Edge AM Radio Show 7/30/11 with Gordon Gianninoto

Fear-mongering B.S. ALEX JONES Ridicules Planet X on his 3/11/11 Show

JR Moore 3/06/11 tells a caller of the Status Quo

JR Moore 3/09/11 tells a caller of the Solar Scorching

12-minute byte focused on 'Solar-Scorching'..

From JR Moore's DVD-Compressed-Down ( 6-Minutes )..

new.png InfoWhores Alex Jones DISCREDITS Planet X with a caller on his 3/11/05 show new.png

new.png Mark Hazelwood on 'f2f' with Jim Jancik 2/15/04 Ad-Free.. new.png

Mark Hazelwood on Art Bell 1-17-02...

Malachi Martin alludes to INCOMING Celestial Object on Art bell 4-05-97..

Co-Discoverer of 'Hale-Bopp' Comet: Alan Hale on Art Bell 3-08-97...

Minions Art Bell & Whit Streiber on the Vatican Observatory 1-05-97...

Eugene Shoemaker interviewed in March, 1996 by FreeMason Linda Howe..

Gordon James Gianninoto (gjgianninoto@caterpillarhill.com)
on 'Cosmic Love' show on BBS Radio 11-06-10

Cheryl Nelson 10-30-10 on Safe Elevations..

Lee Rogers Attacks Planet-X Researchers & Discredits the Topic...
6-18-10 Show
JR Moore on Hurricanes Over Land ("Himmicanes")

Recording about Planet X or Hercolubus? by Carles Esquerda

Sheldon presents First-Ever Public Presentation on Planet X in Tucson 9-25-10, Run by Clayton Douglas..

new.png new.png
Jim McCanney admits there is "ONE Planet X object that has entered our System", aired 5/28/04

new.png new.png
Scientist ‘Muzzled’ about Incoming Solar System report by Alexander Backman
Alex's 7/01/15 WebPage Report Here

new.png new.png
Mark Hazelwood on 'The Cutting Edge' Tv show, recorded 3/27/03 in Tucson ( 1st Part only to avoid Copyright issues )
Click Icon to Right> to listen to ENTIRE interview !!!!

new.png Planet X with Doug Elwell, aired Feb. 2015 new.png
IS PLANET-X REAL? Perhaps the most enigmatic and debated objects that may or may not be soaring through the cosmos, on a collision course with earth is the celestial body, known to some as Nibiru, the 12th planet, Nemesis, or simply Planet X. On this episode we will explore the possibility that the Bible we hold so near and dear, may have been telling us about the occasional visit from this large planetary body, which may have been the tool used by God for the creation of the earth, and perhaps in the near future, its judgment. But to take on the task, we have some much needed help. Doug Elwell has a dual Masters degrees in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern studies and Marketing Communications from Wheaton College Graduate School, and has been writing on religion, history, mythology, travel, and related disciplines. He is also the head editor at MysteriousWorld.com, an online journal dedicated to travel, history, and ancient mysteries of the world. He is the author of Planet X: The Sign of the Son of Man and the End of the Age, and The Riddle of the Sphinx: The Astronomical Layout of the Giza Necropolis and the Mysterious Hall of Records. In this episode, Basil and Gonz talk with Doug Elwell to consider the possibility that the Bible might have contained Planet-X all along.

new.png Project Camelot interviews Bob Dean: the Coming of Nibiru ( Recorded May, 2007 ) new.png

new.png Astronomers Killed Silenced About Comet Meteor Impact ( Bill Cooper talks also ) new.png
You Tube Here

JPL Astronomer Amy Mainzer admits the Sun possibly has a Binary Brown Dwarf (Posted 2/07/15)...
Amy's BIO Here
Video Here
Backup Video Here ( in case You Tube Deletes it )

NASA's Amy Mainzer Is Lying With Her Eyes on Planet X.. (Posted 2/07/15)...
NASA's Dr. Amy Mainzer answers a question about the existence of Planet X. Her excessive blinking to this question would lead me to believe she is not telling us the truth. Notice the person's eye movements. You can usually tell if a person is remembering something or making something up based on eye movements. When people remember details, their eyes move to the left if they are right-handed. When right-handed people make something up, their eyes move to the right. The reverse is true of left-handed people. People also tend to blink more rapidly ("eye flutter") as they're telling a lie. More common in men than in women, another tell of a lie can be rubbing the eyes. Watch the eyelids. These tend to close longer than the usual blink when a person sees or hears something he or she doesn't agree with. However, this can be a very minute change, so you will need to know how the person blinks normally during a non-stressful situation for accurate comparison. If the hands or fingers also go to the eyes, this may be another indicator of trying to "block out" the truth.

Steel Survival Arks in the USA

The CNN video is HERE   It discusses the recent rise in bunker sales and survival supplies. And included is the above 900 ton steel ark that can hold 185 people and food for five years. According to Brian Camden of Hardened Structures, when interviewed for Discovery Channel Apocalypse 2012 Revelation, the images were not meant to be seen by the public. And the approximate cost of these floating bunkers? $20 million each.

new.png Svalbard, Norway Global Seed Vault new.png
CBS News 60 Minutes Video, aired 3/20/08

new.png China's "Ghost Cities" new.png
Video here

PLANET X Mentioned by Announcer on Sci-Fi Channel Friday Night Smackdown Wrestling Show, 1/28/11

Sheldons DETAILED Writeup on LAST Space Shuttle Flight (STS-134)-encountering Meteor Shower Storm ( Posted 3/16/11 )...


PLANET-X "Discovered" IN OUR Solar System report by CNN 2/15/11 !!!!

Sheldon's Graphic posted 4/20/13 illustrating HOW Planet X has been affecting Saturn
Sheldon's Graphic of Evidentiary Proof of Brown Dwarf out by Jupiter & Saturn

Gil Broussard's Graphical depictions ( PDF ) of Planet-X Timeline from a biblical perspective, Updated 4/13/15
Viewable PDF HERE

Gil Broussard interviewed on Brooks Agnew 4/12/15- 3 Hour presentation
PT-1  PT-2

Ten Points to remember about this N.E.O. (Planet-X)! 10/31/13 UPDATE..

  'Aledged' images of Plaques taken at an unknown Underground Facility, possibly Dulce,NM !!!  

CLICK on this Image to OBTAIN a HIGH-RESOLUTION of it CLICK on this Image to OBTAIN a HIGH-RESOLUTION of it

Article from May 2008   1   2


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Created on Planet-X (10/31/10)

Tags(A) videos: Introduction to rapid earth changes-
(A) English - 2012, The Avebury crop circle and Nibiru - Planet X - pt1
(A) English -2012, The Avebury crop circle and Nibiru - Planet X - pt2
(A) English - 2012, The Avebury crop circle and Nibiru - Planet X - pt3
(A) English - 2012, The Avebury crop circle and Nibiru - Planet X - pt4
(A) English - 2012, The Avebury crop circle and Nibiru - Planet X - pt5

Tags(B) videos: How does storms, volcanic eruptions and cataclysms forms-
(B) English - 2012, The Avebury crop circle and Nibiru - Planet X - pt6
(B) English - 2012, The Avebury crop circle and Nibiru - Planet X - pt7
(B) English - 2012, The Avebury crop circle and Nibiru - Planet X - pt8
(B) English - 2012, The Avebury crop circle and Nibiru - Planet X - pt9
(B) English - 2012, The Avebury crop circle and Nibiru - Planet X - pt10
Unusual tides in province of Quebec, Canada-Early December 2010

From Jaysen Rand's Website